Biometric Smartphone Update

Market Research - Biometric Smartphone Model List

Biometric Smartphone Update
Comprehensive Information on All Current Biometric Smartphone Models

Check out Acuity’s “Biometric Smartphone Update”. Presented in spreadsheet format -- the Biometric Smartphone Update provides details for all Biometric Smartphone Models introduced since Q1 2013. Data includes brand, model number, release date, OS, availability, price point, biometric sensor type, biometric vendor, biometric software provider,and links to model specs and reviews. A series of charts provides insight into the most important trends and findings drawn form the data.

According to Acuity’s latest research, more than 500 biometric smartphone models have been introduced since Q1 2013. This includes smartphones incorporating fingerprint, iris, and eye vein biometrics form market leaders such as Apple, Samsung, Huwei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, TCL, Oppo, BBK/VIVO, and ZTE. Acuity projects that nearly 1 billion biometric smartphones are in use today, representing 40% of the global installed base of smartphones.

The price of biometric smartphones had dropped dramatically as the market has expanded. New entrants, many focused on emerging markets, have introduced low-end options that are driving the transition from traditional handsets. Since Fujitsu introduced the US Arrows X F-02E in February 2013, followed by the groundbreaking Apple iPhone 5S in September 2013, the quarterly average price of biometric smartphones has dropped from more than $800 to just $277. This includes 127 models introduced since May 2014 selling for $150 or less.

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