Data Driven Research and Analysis

Acuity Market Intelligence

Our Organization

Acuity Market Intelligence is an emerging technology strategy and research consultancy with a proven record of accurately anticipating Biometric and Electronic Identity (eID) market trends.

Founded in 2001 to bring strategic market development expertise to the nascent biometrics market, Acuity consistently provides original, thought-provoking, accurate, and reliable biometric and eID industry insight and analysis. Acuity's data-driven approach means Clients have the critical market intelligence they need to create and implement successful market development strategies that produce quantifiable results.

Data Driven
Quantifiable data is at the core of all of Acuity's research, analysis, and strategic consulting. We call our methodology "Rigorous Intution" a combination of data-driven insight and analytic skills honed over years of in-depth market expertise.

Where's the data? should be the first question every Client asks of a market research firm or consultancy. If the data is sound, the analysis is much more likely to be so.

Acuity Market Intelligence is committed to both sound data and analysis. As one of our Clients succinctly put it, "If we don't trust the data, how can we believe the analysis?"

Core Expertise
Acuity's Principal has extensive experience providing strategic guidance and critical market and opportunity analysis to both start-up ventures and established players in emerging technology markets. The company publishes market research reports, forecasts, and analyses that provide technology, commercial, investment, and government sector professionals with targeted insight into biometrics and eID market development.

Acuity's Clients include seed level start-ups, industry heavyweights and a range or organizations in between. Client relationships are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization as they face the rapidly evolving challenges of emerging technology market development.

Our Values and Commitments

We value true intellectual rigor and integrity, clarity of communication, and deep intuitive insight honed over years of subject matter immersion.

We believe market research and strategic consulting engagements are a waste of time and money if they do not produce meaningful, substantive, and quantifiable results.

We are committed to consistently deliver exceptional quality and value to our Clients that measurably impacts their ability to succeed.