The Global National eID Industry Report: 2014 Edition

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The Global National eID Industry Report: 2014 Edition
Market Analysis and Forecasts 2013 to 2018
Comprehensive Market Data. Critical Insight. Targeted Revenue Forecasts

The 2014 edition of Acuity Market Intelligence's groundbreaking The Global National eID Industry Report provides completely updated, comprehensive coverage of the worldwide market for National eID documents.

The report provides details for the 127 countries that will implement National eID programs by 2018 issuing more than 740 million eIDs annually while generating more than $55 billion in revenue from 2013 to 2018.

Market for National eID’s Accelerates

Today, there are twice as many National eID issuing countries as those issuing traditional National IDs. By 2018, the number of National eID issuing countries will exceed those issuing traditional National IDs by a ratio of more than 5 to 1. This rapid acceleration in the deployment of National eIDs means that by the end of 2018, 84% of all National IDs issued will be eIDs and that there will be nearly 3.5 billion National eIDs in circulation.

This rapidly evolving dominance of eIDs reflects the global drive towards eGovernment and eCommerce services enabled by electronic identities. This transformation will provide substantial opportunities as national, regional, and global transaction infrastructures secured by a trusted eID platform emerge over the next five years.

The Global National eID Industry Report: 2014 Edition is the definative source for comprehensive National eID data and market insight and analysis

This unprecedented, comprehensive report offers more than 400 pages of unbiased perspective and previously unpublished critical data and statistics on the National eID marketplace:

  • Forecasts by Unit and Revenue for National eIDs globally, by region, and by country, and for Key Solution Components and Critical Technologies.

  • One-page overviews for each of 127 countriess with detailed National eID market volumes and revenues, as well as criticla infrastructure data.

  • The National eID Constellation: a proprietary method for categorizing and analyzing the evolution of a country’s National ID status and evolution.