Global ePassport Program Update

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Global ePassport Program Update
Critical Data on Current Programs and Voume and Revenue Forecasts 2009 - 2020

Acuity’s Global ePassport Program Update is presented in spreadsheet format and provides details for each known ePassport Program globally including year initiated, border control points, type of biometric, validity, next procurement, passports in circulation, ePassport annual volume, ePassport revenue, ePassports in circulation 2009 to 2020.

There are currently 122 countries with ePassport programs which Acuity estimates are producing 124 million ePassports annually. Most ePassports are valid for 5 or 10 years and there are now more than 675 million in circulation. Current annual revenues are in the $4.5 Billion range. This is expected to grow by about 25% by 2020 reaching more than $5 billion annually with more than 817 million in ePassprts in circulation.

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