Biometric and Electronic Identity Market Research

Research Reports

Acuity Market Intelligence research reports have earned industry accolades for their detailed accuracy and in-depth analysis. They are widely considered to provide the most reliable and accurate market forecasts as well as untethered, actionable insight. Acuity reports tell it like it is: hype-free, vendor-neutral, and unbiased.

Acuity Research Reports:

Automated Border Control eGate Deployment List (Spreadsheet Data Only)

Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosk Deployment List (Spreadsheet Data Only)

The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: The Convergence of Commerce and Privacy

The Global National eID Industry Report: 2014 Edition

The Global Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates & Kiosks

The Asia Pacific ePassport and eVisa Industry Report

The Global ePassport and eVisa Industry Report

The Future of Biometrics

Clients leverage Acuity reports in the following ways:

  • Product/Marketing/Sales Management use Acuity reports to develop or modify product development and marketing/sales strategies. The level of report detail provides market insight for competitive advantage.
  • Internal research departments use Acuity reports to validate and update internally developed findings.
  • C-level executives use Acuity reports as an authoritative source to develop and validate corporate strategies and investments.
  • Financial analysts use Acuity reports to gauge market attractiveness and evaluate industry performance.
  • Government authorities use Acuity reports to track industry progress, evaluate market dynamics, and support critical policy development.