Biometric Market Forecast

Biometric Identification Solutions Value Chain
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The biometrics solution value chain illustrates the iterative nature of the evolution of biometric-based solutions. It also provides the basis for understanding that the value of biometric core technology - hardware, software, algorithms and devices - represents only a fraction of the overall value of the biometrically enabled, or identification solutions marketplace.

While biometrics enable the core capability of linking individuals to their identities, both the complexity of implementation and the overall market potential increase dramatically as you move along the value chain from core technology to total identification solution. An example of each element of the value chain is represented in blue at the bottom of the diagram above.

While the conceptual progression across the value chain from core technology to total solution seems intuitive, its practical application is convoluted at best. Individual vendors and solutions providers often lack a clear sense of how they fit into this progression and subsequently what is required of them to be successful. One of the most critical challenges facing industry players today is not only to understand how this value chain operates in regards to providing customers with genuine solutions to their problems but also how to develop a successful market Strategy that leverages their position along the chain.