Airport Biometric Facilitation Deployments

Market Research - Deployment Data

Airport Biometric Facilitation Deployment List
Critical Data on Current Deployments

Acuity's Airport Biometric Facilitation list -- presented in spreadsheet format -- pprovides details on facility, location, units, owner, biometric modality, installation date, and vendors for all known deployments of biometric facilitation units at check-in, bag drop, security checkpoints, and boarding gates.

Thre are now nearly 200 biometric check-in, bag drop, security checkpoint, and boarding gate locations in Asia, the US,the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

For more on the emerging eGate and Kiosk marketplace, see the ABC eGate Deployment List, the APC Kiosk Deployment List, and preview The Airport Automated Biometric Facilitation Report: Form Curb to Gate .