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October 2018, Webinar
True Identity at The Airport: Automated Biometric Facilitation

Consumer Identity World
September 2018, Webinar
Protecting Your Digital Footprint From the Monetization Monsters: How Biometrics as a Service (BaaS) Can Secure Consumer PII

Government Security Briefing
April 2018, Paris France
Biometrics Market Evolution Towards Identifiable Anonymity
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Retail Banking
April 2018, Colorado Springs
Biometrics, Mobile Banking Apps & PII Security in the Era of the Equifax Data Breech

Apr 2018, Webinar
The Biometric Enterprise: What I Learned a ISC West

December 2017, Webinar
Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud Based Biometrics

November 2017, Webinar
The Evolution of Money and Biometrics

Biometrics Institute Congress
November 2017, London
Automated Border Control: Digital Identity at The Border

Biometrics Institute Congress
November 2017, London
Mobile Biometrics: Taming the Authentication Beast

September 2017, Webinar
Biometric Governments in Practice

June 2017, Webinar
Biometrics at Retail: A New World of Shopping By 2022

April 2017, Webinar
Continuous Identity: Why Behavioral Biometrics Are Going Mainstream

March 2017, Webinar
From Revolution to Evolution: The New Mobile Biometrics Landscape

Security of Things
October 2016, Chicago
Biometrics and PII in IoT:The Evolution of Consumer Centric Identity

Mobile Utility Summit
October 2016, Denver
Mobile Biometrics: Digital Identity and the Emergence of Consumer Centric Commerce

June 2016, Webinar
Biometrics and the New Era of National Security and Border Control

April 2016, Webinar
Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow

March 2016, Webinar
Mobile Revolution 2.0: Biometrics, Smartphones, IoT

FIDO Alliance Event
March 2016, NY
Biometrics, Mobility, and the Evolution of Identity Centric Authentication

October 2015, Webinar
Mobile Biometrics & Next Generation of Digital Identity

Smart Card Alliance Member Meeting
October 2015, Pheonix
Mobile Biometrics: Identity Disrupted The Rise of True Digital Identity

Document Security Alliance
October 2015, Washington DC
Mobility, Digital Identity, and The Future of Secure Credentials

Septembr 2015, Webinar
Biometrics, National ID and the Future of Global Identity

Acuity Webinar
September 2015, Webinar
Mobile Biometrics: Redefining Digital Identity And Disrupting Global Commerce

May 2014, Webinar
The Global Automated Border Control Market: Airport eGstes & Kiosks Forecasts & Analysis 2014 – 2018

February 2014, Webinar
The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis 2014 – 2018

Davinci Institute
January 2014, Louisville, CO
The Password is Dead!

November 2013, Webinar
The Emerging Mobile Biometric Landscape

Biometrics UnPlugged
September 2013, Tampa
Mobility Rules
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May 2013, Webinar
Biometrics and Mobility: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Smart Cards in Government
November 2011, Washington DC
The Global Market for National eIDs - Market Data and Analysis

Government Security Breifing
June 2011, San Antonio
Identity Intelligence: Biometrics and the Emergence of Person Centric Identity

Biometrics Challenge
May 2011, Washington, DC
The Future of Biometrics: Mobility Rules

Secure Document World
April 2011, London
Discovering Stars and Black Holes in the eID Universe

NDIA Biometrics Conference 2011
February 2011, Arlington, VA
The Future of Biometrics: Mobility Rules

Biometrics 2010
October 2010, London
ePassports and eVisas: From Technology to Operational Excellence

iPira Secure Documents 2010
April 2010, Washington DC
Underwear Bombers & Mossad Agents Beware: ePassports and eVisas Will Change the Game

Biometrics 2009
October 2009, London
Interactive Workshop: Defining Your Biometrics Niche

Acuity Webinar
October 2009, London
The Future of Biometrics Report Highlights

Digital Money Summit
March 2009, London
Biometrics Market Update

iPira Secure Documents 2008
September 2008, Chicago
The NEW State of the Biometrics Market

International ID Congress
November 2007, Milan
The Future of Biometrics

Biometrics 2007
October 2007, London
Mega Trends and Meta Drivers of the Biometrics Market

iPira Biometrics Summit
April 2007, Washington DC
The Transformation of the Iris Recognition Market

Digital Identity Summit
November 2006, London
Driving Biometrics: PIV and Wider Trends

Private Investor Seminars
February & April 2005, New York, January & June 2006, Boston
Biometrics Market Evolution: Has the Market Arrived?
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Biometrics 2004
October 2004, London
Biometrics Industry Evolution: From Emerging Core Technology to Integrated Solution Framework

International ID Congress
November 20-21, 2003, Paris, France
Biometrics and Trusted Identity: Combating Identity Theft

Biometrics 2003
October 2003, London
Dissecting the Market for Biometrics in Financial Services

October 2003, New York City
Biometrics Tutorial Part II - Biometrics Market Development: Opportunities, Applications & Deployments

Biometrics Consortium
September 2003, Crystal City, VA
Interactive Workshop: Developing a Targeted Biometrics Market Strategy
Combating Identity Theft: Context for Biometrics Adoption

V World
April 2003, San Francisco
Voice Authentication: State of The Market

International ID Congress
November 20-22, 2002, Milan, Italy
Biometrics and the Global Transportation Infrastructure

Biometrics Consortium Fall 2002
September 22-25, 2002, Crystal City, VA
Digital ID Programs: Progress & Issues
WORKSHOP: Accelerating Biometrics Market Development
Session ONE: Concepts, Context & Strategy
Session TWO: Practical Applications

ISC East 2002
August 14-16, 2002, Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Biometrics Market: Trends, Opportunities, Issues

BiometriTech 2002
Hotel Penn, New York, June 25nd - 27th, 2002
Keeping Pasengers Safe
What Biometrics Can Do For You

Biometrics Acceleration 2002
Watergate Swissotel, Washington DC, June 10th - 12th, 2002
Biometrics Market Development: Accelerating Solutions Development Through Strategic Relationships

CardTech SecurTech 2002
Moriel Convention Center, New Orleans, April 22nd - 25th, 2002
Biometrics Market Development - From Fad to Fortune: Leveraging the Technology Adoption Lifecycle

Biometrics: Business and Security
Conrad Hotel, Brussels, April 9th - 10th, 2002
The Progression of Biometrics in a Turbulent World Economy

Successful Applications of Biometric Technologies
Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, March 25th - 26th, 2002
From Fad to Fortune: Biometrics Market Development

Biometrics 2001 Exhibition and Conference
ExCel Center, London, November 28th - 30th, 2001
The Biometrics Industry: Leveraging the Technology Adoption Lifecycle