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The core of Acuity Market Intelligence's expertise is a fundamental understanding of technology evolution, emerging market development, and how technology is adopted and deployed most effectively in complex, multidimensional markets. Acuity relies on this unique perspective to distill critical market intelligence at the heart of the Electronic Identity (eID) marketplace that forms the basis upon which Acuity time and again provides accurate and actionable intelligence.

Acuity has produced a number of influential eID reports and analyses and continues to bring this unique perspective to the industry through strategic consulting engagements, off-the-shelf and custom market research, conference presentations, industry publications, the eUpdate Newsletter, and Acuity's most recent vehicles - Twitter and the eUpdate Blog.

The Global National eID Industry Report

The Asia Pacific ePassport and eVisa Industry Report

The Global ePassport and eVisa Industry Report

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eID Market Forecast

eID Industry Presentations

eID Market Intelligence Newsletter - the eID eUpdate

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